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Bavarian Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra
Rundfunkchor Berlin, Gijs Leenars
Time Travellers
Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, Alexandre Bloch
Prometheus dis.order
Bamberg Symphony, Jakub Hrůša, Alex Ross
World with Wagner
Kasseler Musiktage
Masters of Dark Matter
Hamburg State Opera, Kent Nagano
Where We Stand
AUDI, London Symphony Orchestra, Kent Nagano
Rite of Spring

Nick & Clemens Prokop – TYE Tree House

Concert Experiences
That Matter

Nick & Clemens Prokop create mesmerizing concert productions for special occasions in stunning locations.

Taking music from the (s)core, they celebrate a Human Theatre of Music, making the projects relevant and accessible for today's audience.

They work internationally and partner with acclaimed conductors, concert institutions, opera houses and festivals for signature projects.

Segerstrom Concert Hall

Welt mit Wagner Bamberg Symphony

Masters of Dark Matter Kasseler Musiktage

Prometheus dis.order Beethoven

8th Symphony Bruckner

Where We Stand Planetarium Hamburg

Excite audiences
Push Boundaries
create value

The concert of the future is immersive, innovative, interactive – and a compelling narration.

Nick & Clemens take it from the score. They blend lighting, sound and advanced technology, theatre and choreography into soul-touching artistic creations.

As their very first project, Nick & Clemens turned a complete village into a sounding environment.

Since then they have inspired audiences in historic landmarks, factory buildings, planetariums, public parks, cathedrals, concert halls and opera houses.

Kristallwelten aki Zurich, Switzerland

Hippocampus Tollwood, Munich

Historic Landmark Bavaria

Interactive Dance Ingelheim, Germany

What we produce
How we deliver
why it works

The TYE Tree House is the promise to envision, create and deliver meticulosly designed concert productions for today's audiences, both artistic and spectacular, uplifting and soul-touching, thought-provoking and mind-changing.

We create our works in Dusseldorf, Germany. From there we bring them on location worldwide – whereever you need us.

The Tree House team will setup, rehearse, run, and dismantle the show on time. With a ton of experience in the most varied settings, we will make sure it blends in well with local resources, procedures, and requirements.

If you want to push boundaries in music, you need staging partners like the Prokops.

Omer Meir Wellber

My wish has always been to make classical music accessible to everyone. This requires special ideas. And the Prokops.

Kent Nagano

It was particularly amazing to see how Clemens transformed my book into a concert experience.

Alex Ross

Every name
is a story

Nick and Clemens have collaborated with acclaimed conductors Kent Nagano, Alexandre Bloch, Omer Meir Wellber, Carl St. Clair, Jonathan Nott and Jakub Hrůša, orchestras, ensembles and institutions like London Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Symphony, Bamberg Syphony, Düsseldorf Symphony, Bavarian State Opera, Verbier Festival, Hamburg State Opera, Quartetto di Cremona, Rundfunkchor Berlin, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Kasseler Musiktage and more.


Be invited
Be different
Be bold

Nick & Clemens' Tree House is an invitation to foster truly innovative ideas and think radically outside the box. Meet us at an inspiring and imaginative place to share your needs, challenges, and vision – and let us develop solutions that matter.

Tree House Production Team, Switzerland

Books You Can't Buy

Moments that matter: The creative process behind TYE Tree House productions captured between two covers.

Anti Gravity

Bamberger Symphoniker


Erzbistum Paderborn

Time Travellers


Erzbistum Paderborn

Erzbistum Paderborn

Jerusalem Symphony

Kasseler Musiktage

Kunst der Stunde

It's been a pleasure ...

Organisations and Institutions we have been working with.

PR2 classic